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Switzerland, June 2003

A few days in Guarda, Lower Engadine, then a trek from Zuoz to Berguen.


Jean-Paul picked us up in Bern and immediately drove us to Rosenlaui, an old hotel near the Engelhorn. It is also famous for a dark deep narrow gorge in which the water pours furiously in the early summer. The next day we drove to Guarda in the lower Engadine, stopping in the Sustenpass to admire the Stein glacier


A wonderful small village overlooking the Inn Valley, with every house decorated with "scraffito" or paintings, large round arched doorways with a bench to enjoy the weather. Everything is quaint, even the fire alarm

Julia and Paul met us there in their fancy little (rented) Audi.

We went on an easy walk up Val Tuoi, admiring the many flowers, including the famous "Alpenrose"


Next we drove to Zuoz, in the upper Engadine, where we met Adrian for lunch at the Dorta restaurant, set in an old house where his grand-father used to live. Of course, Boris was there too.

In the afternoon we walked up to Adrian's cabin (an old "Maiensäss", where the shepherds used to take the animals in the spring) where Louise was waiting for us.