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The trek

After a night of storm, thunder and hail, we woke up in the mist. The mist lifted after breakfast, and we got under way towards the Es-Cha hut. We passed cows and flowers, and stopped at the Es-Cha Dadains Alp for a glass of fresh milk. The trail became quite steep and the Bernina massif started appearing on the other side of the Inn valley. Finally we got our first glimpse of the Es-Cha hut. A bit more effort and we were there. The view is superb from here.

The days are long at this time of year, but we were tired and went to bed as soon as night fell.

We had originally planned to go over the Kesch glacier, but the weather had been unusually warm and conditions were not ideal. So we had decided, instead, to go around Piz Kesch to the next hut, a much longer hike, but without technical difficulty. We left early towards Fuorcla Pischa. It is at nearly 3000 meters, but even there flowers were blooming.

We stopped for a snack at the top of the pass, looked back at Piz Kesch, then started our descent towards Val Plazbi, with the towering Piz Uertsch on our left. Soon we were back in the alpage and the flowers and reached the bottom of the valley. I must admit I would have gratefully stopped there, but the goal was the Ketsch hut, another 600 m. higher! So up the Val da Salect we went.

Well, it was worth it. The view of the Kesch glacier was spectacular. The hut is a rather ugly modern building, but it has hot showers! It happened to be my birthday, so we celebrated. Julia had even brought a nut cake (torta da nush) all the way from the valley!

The weather changed overnight and it was misty when we made our way down the Val da Tschüvel towards the Ravais-ch lakes. Of course Boris had to have a swim.

Going down the val da Ravais-ch we were between two clouds and it looked like a chinese painting. It is in a steady rain that we finally reached Bergün where a wonderful dinner was waiting for us.

The rain did not last long, though, and we had sunshine again the next day for our last group picture!