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Italy, 2004

Part 2: Rome

After Positano, Joan and I went back to Rome. First we stayed with my cousin Marilee, who lives in the San Saba area. After a couple of days Judy and Jean-Paul arrived and we all moved into a charming apartment that we rented near Piazza Navona. It was in via del Teatro Pace, a small street that is remarkably quiet, despite being so close to one of the most touristic areas of Rome.

We spent the whole time walking around Rome, visiting churches and museums, and eating wonderful food. Instead of giving a chronological account of our visits, let me just list a few things that impressed me:

- the fountains of Rome

- the pines of Rome

- the mosaics and other stone work

I also have a few pictures, mostly personal souvenirs, that don't fit these categories.

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