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The Waimea Canyon

One of the famous attractions of Kaua'i is the Waimea Canyon. It is about 10 miles long, one mile wide and 3,500 feet deep; a Grand Canyon in miniature, still quite impressive. If you remember that the weather station at the top of the mountain on Kaua'i records an average annual rainfall of 460 inches, it is not surprising that it was mostly cloudy that day. We still managed to get some nice views of the canyon and the 800 foot tall Waipoo falls.

The clouds kept thickening as we went up and it was completely foggy when we arrived at the top. People were telling us not to bother to walk up to the overlook. We did it anyway and, a few minutes later, the wind shifted and the clouds parted to give us wonderful views of the coast below.

On the way down we stopped to admire some of the
strange and beautiful flowers in the rain forest, and a perfect rainbow over the falls.

Kaua'i wildlife
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