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Kaua'i wildlife

I bought a bird book at the botanical garden and, in the week we were there, I managed to identify 27 of the 150 or so bird species that can be found in Hawai'i. I do not have the equipment needed for real wildlife photography, but some birds are big enough (like the Laysan Albatross with its 6 foot wingspan), or friendly enough (like these Brazilian Cardinals) to be photographed with my little camera.

The feral roosters are everywhere. In the taro fields I saw Koloa Ducks, Hawaiian Coots, Moorhens and Black-necked Stilts which are all endangered hawaiian species. At the Kilauea lighthouse I saw, beside the albatross, Red-footed and Brown Boobies, the Great Frigate with its 7 foot wingspan, and several families of Nene Geese, the state bird of Hawai'i.

We also saw whales on several occasions, splashing in the distance, a couple of big turtles swimming in the surf close to the shore and this young monk seal, who came to take a nap on Tunnels Beach.

My very favorite, though, was the wonderfully elegant White-tailed Tropicbird. I wish I had taken this picture but I must admit I stole it from the web. My apologies to the photographer.

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