A trip to Ravello

Ravello is a pretty little town high above Amalfi. The drive there is a winding road along the coast, which consists mainly of precipitous cliffs, but is dotted here and there with old ruins and attractive villas.

Ravello is famous for its music festivals and for its gardens, one of which inspired scene 2 of Wagner's Parsifal. It is a perfectly romantic setting, with old towers, mysterious grottoes and manicured flowerbeds. The high terraces offer breathtaking vistas towards the coast below. Is this the view that made Gore Vidal claim Ravello to be the most beautiful place on earth?

Remarkably, many flowers are still in bloom, even in late October. Bougainvillea are particularly showy and are seen everywhere, often trained around windows or over patios.

Ravello also has a restaurant that makes a delicious rabbit, and a small place that makes the best lemoncello you will ever taste: wonderfully fragrant with just the right balance of acidity and sweetness.

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