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The Wedding

The big day had arrived. The church was packed with guests. The local youth choir had been singing beautifully while we waited. The groom and the best man were fidgeting near the altar.

Finally, here she came, the beautiful Natasha walking down the aisle, greeted by a hundred flash bulbs. She was radiant on the arm of her father. The ceremony proceeded, in Spanish, and then the newlyweds walked back out, cheered by the crowd, the picture of happiness.

The crowd spilled out of the church to greet the bride and groom. Many kisses were exchanged. The mother smiled, the father beamed, and people milled around chatting in the cool shade of the church. Somebody was bored, but he did not count!

Time for the official photos. The hired photographer tried to get people to pose. First the bride with her mother and uncle (what had they just seen, I wonder), then the couple with both sets of parents. Brothers and sister joined in, then the witnesses. Finally Gabriel took over: Enough already! Time to party!

Buses took us back to the Estancia Vicus where the cooks were busy with the asado. We had a drink and chatted while waiting for the grand entrance of the newlyweds with their retinue of gauchos. The crowd asked for a kiss and they obliged!

Night fell slowly, appetizers were being depleted, and people took pictures of new friends and old ones. We then sat down for dinner. My table was conveniently situated near the desserts. There were speeches, Alex made her sister cry, and the wine flowed.

There was dancing, and more dancing, but then my memories get a little fuzzy. I hear people ended up in the pool, but by then I was asleep...

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