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Argentina, February 2005

Part 1: The wedding

Our good friends Elena and John Z. invited us to the wedding of their daughter Natasha to Gabriel. Since Natasha is half US, half Argentine and Gabriel is half Argentine, half French, they decided to hold the wedding in Alta Gracia, near Córdoba, Argentina, where John and Elena have a small estancia. We thought it would be a good introduction to Argentina, which we had never visited. So we left snowy Boston for the sunny tropics.

Alta Gracia is in the foothills of the Sierras de Córdoba, a small mountain chain about 350 NW of Buenos Aires. Like many of the guests, we stayed at the "Colonia de Vacaciones Evita".

The wedding was a three day affair, with over 150 guests who came from many parts of the world. Many activities were planned. We wish we had gone swimming in the river or horseback riding, or visited the Che Guevara museum, but there was not enough time or we were too lazy.

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