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Dinner at the Gaucho Association

From what I understood, the Gaucho Association of Alta Gracia is a kind of equestrian club. Few of the members are actual gauchos, but they are a bunch of neat characters.

The evening started with a demonstration of horsemanship. Unfortunately I could not manage to take any decent pictures except when they were standing still!

The dinner was an asado, the typical Argentinean barbeque, but what a barbeque! First there was the blood sausages and chorizos cooked in a special large open oven. But the piece de resistance was an entire young cow split open down the middle and cooked between the coals on the ground and coals set on top of a metal sheet on top of it. It was cooked with the hide on, which kept the juices in and made the meat succulent. After 5 hours of cooking and basting with chimichurri, the metal sheets were removed and the poor animal was finally revealed in all its gory beauty. The boss seemed happy with the result and the carvers started working. Big chunks of meat were sliced off the bones and cut into serving size pieces. Delicious!

During that time an orchestra, folk dance group and tango dancers were entertaining the crowd, but I was too busy eating, and later dancing myself, to take any more pictures.

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